Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Most Generous Commisariat!

While prowling YouTube I came across this rather interesting video of FIW reenactors, which I have posted here because it gives a good view of the off-white colour of French infantry justeaucorps, and the kind of shadows that it gets in the folds and creases  Clearly it is possible to go for fairly dark shading, so my black-lined figures don't seem all that far off.

Now, I can appreciate the appeal of reenacting, and am aware that it is not an inexpensive pastime.  It is also more accessible to those of an age where they have accumulated a good degree of disposable income and time now that the children have grown up.  

I also realize (to my own personal annoyance!) that as one gets on in years, a certain "thickening of the torso" is hard to prevent- and even harder to reverse.

Nevertheless, there are some mightily-proportioned individuals here wielding their Charlevilles.  Whatever perils the French army may have faced while on campaign in the New World, starvation  evidently wasn't one of them.  One can see the strain on many a buttonhole.   

The average annual calorie intake evident for individuals here would probably have equalled that of an entire company back in 1759.  Says a lot about modern diets and lifestyles.
Anyway, the next time some people slag off  my beloved Front Rank miniatures as being over-fed gargoyles, I will simply reply with a link to this video.

Oh, and lest it be thought I'm knocking these people, and their hobby,  I'm not; I'm no string-bean in the least, and I would have loved to have been there and to have been part of it.