Thursday, February 14, 2008

M. le Marquis Goes to War...

Prior to this day, I had distinguished myself (with no small degree of fame, I may add) in various sieges and in numerous actions of "la petite guerre".

However, the evening of June 27th, 1743 found me, the Marquis de Sangfroid, about to savour my first taste of combat on a large scale. Certainly I had never commanded a force of such size and importance, nor had I been entrusted with so difficult a duty as that with which I found myself charged that warm summer evening.

The eyes of France- of Europe, even- were to fall upon me. Yet I did not flinch from the task. In keeping with the traditions of Duty and Honour expected from one through whose veins ran the blood of the Bouillon-Cantinats, I was quite determined not be to be found wanting in my obligations.

One of the main reasons for me setting up this blog was to generate ideas- and inspiration- for wargaming and for painting. This is the first step in a "narrative" style campaign set in the War of the Austrian Succession that will be as much about role playing and capturing the "spirit" of mid-18th C. life, as it will be about gaming out battles on the tabletop.

The first scenario (check out the links on the right) is designed for the Koenig Krieg rules that I have been playing off and on since I bought my first copy way back in 1985 or so. The scenario should work with any rule set though, and feel free to try it out and to comment (constructively!) on any aspect that you feel could be improved to make it a better game. Just play it through a few times first before you decide to trash it outright, though!

Once I have a chance to play it myself, I'll post a report where M. le Marquis gives his account of the engagement and of the role played both by himself and of the Regt. de St. Vignobles. I 'll try to get some "eye candy" up as well, although don't expect any panoramic shots of the table, as most of my collection at the moment is French- I'll be having to proxy the Allies with a potpourri of other periods and (gasp! The shame!) unpainted figures.

Thanks to Kris Opsetmoen of Oberreiffenberg in Germany, long-time gamer and 18th C. "fellow traveller", for allowing me to post pictures from his extensive Front Rank SYW collection here. Seen above are some of his Hanoverian cavalry, chomping at the bit to cross swords with M. le Marquis...

-Robert S. (Official Biographer of M. le Marquis de Sangfroid)

NOTE: Looking again at the rules and scenario I revised the ORDER OF BATTLE AND ENTRY TABLE  so that it would be more balanced (M. le Marquis would detest having to swim).  

Feb. 16th, 2008


Bluebear Jeff said...


A number of things.

First, I'll take a look at your scenario. I think that it is one that we could do . . . although we'd use my own ("Tricorne Wars") rules . . . but this won't happen for a few weeks at least.

Second, since you play KK, are you aware that a new edition is being planned? An Australian group now has the rights to KK and are planning to re-print them.

They also have a Forum on their website . . . and you might want to join it:

Finally, I happen to be the administrator of the "Emperor vs Elector" group blog.

We provide a "meeting place" for those who have 18th century Imagi-Nations such as yours.

If you would like to join, simply drop me an email at and I'll see that you get an invitation.

Keep up this interesting story line.

-- Jeff

Robert Swan said...

Thanks for the comments. I will see how the story develops- I have a few ideas including some small scale skirmish actions.

If you do end up gaming the scenario, do let me know how it goes- I am worried about it being stacked too much in the Allied favour, and am thinking of making a few changes.

I actually did register on the Koenig Krieg forum, but never received the activation email so I have no voice there!

The "Emperor vs Elector" group blog looks like being fun! I'll send an email forthwith!

abdul666 said...

Great to see you here, Marquis! Welcome aboard!

Louys de Monte-Cristo

Bluebear Jeff said...


I dropped a note to the guys at the KK Forum . . . and they said that they would look into your activation.

One said, "I have seen some emails from the list being eaten by spam/email filters. Maybe that happened with the Marquis. I will look into it personally and ensure his account gets activated."

So don't give up hope . . . keep trying.

-- Jeff

Robert Swan said...

Thanks, Jeff

The KK forum administrator got back to me earlier today, and I'm "activated".

I appreciate your help!

Stokes Schwartz said...

Hello Robert,

Just discovered your blog via E vs. E, and it is very nice. Already lots of interesting narrative, and your flags/uniforms are very pleasing to the eye. I wait eagerly to see them applied to the miniatures themselves -- and to watch your prject grow with time. Enjoy yourself!

Best Regards,

Stokes Schwartz
(Grand Duchy of Stollen)

abdul666 said...

Dear Marquis,

a pleasant picture, but we are all looking forward to discover your proud own regiment 'in its flesh'!

Best regards,
Louys of Monte-Cristo
avid aficionado of uniforms

Robert Swan said...

Regiment is primed and undercoated- once I get it done I will take pictures and post them here- along with photos of the Marquis himself!

I'm already thinking about a cavalry regiment to go with them- the Regt. de Bouillon-Cantinat.