Friday, December 26, 2008

The Queen of Battles...

...IS of course the infantry.

I've been working on designing a force to take on the Pragmatic Alliance (See here), and have created the semi-fictional L’armée Française de l’Oise, in the service of which M. le Marquis can seek honour, glory, and the occasional hidden cache of fine wines.

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I say semi-fictional, in that of course there was no such army! But the order of battle is based largely on the 2nd French battle line at Dettingen. There are a more than a few tips of the tricorn to artistic licence, though.

The Brigade de Navarre actually consisted of four battalions of the Regiment de Navarre and one batallion of the Regt. Bigorre. Here I've substituted a battalion of the Regt. de Royal Baviere for one of Navarrese, mainly because I like the flag of the Bavarians!

Most significantly, the Brigade de St. Vignobles was actually the Swiss Brigade Bettens, but I've substituted the Regt. de St. Vignobles as being a much more appropriate representative of the territory of Lorraine than the Garde Lorraine, which it has replaced! I've also taken the opportunity to increase it by one battalion so that it is now a two-battalion strong regiment. I've kept the Regt. de Forez, so this is now the strongest- and most colourful- of the four infantry brigades.

I was thinking of adding the Irish Brigade, but honestly seeing as I'll have to paint up a mass of Hanoverians and British for the Pragmatic Army, not to mention two large battalions of Swiss, I think that will be enough red to last me a lifetime. Besides, when I think French of the Ancien Regime, I think off-white.

Shocking liberties, perhaps? While I love history, and usually try to stick pretty close to it, I also consider it my plaything to kick around as I like. Those purists who need smelling salts after reading such heresy may go ahead and inhale.

Next, I'll add the cavalry and artillery. A big choice of colour to choose from here!

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Bluebear Jeff said...

Back when I did a little ACW gaming I created a brigade that included the various battalions that my ancestors served with . . . and why not?

This looks fine to me.

-- Jeff