Sunday, September 21, 2008


I just realized that the hit counter registered more than 10,000 hits as of today!

A small milestone, and I sure that I must have accounted for a lot of those hits myself as I return to "fine tune" the site. And it is nowhere near the numbers maintained by blogs such as those by
Der Alte Fritz and Ioannis' The Leuthen Journal, as well as all those others whose magnificent websites are read throughout the wargaming fraternity.

But 10,000 is evidence that at least some people out there are reading my blog, and I appreciate all of you who have returned to these pages and who have left comments. It all inspires me to continue with the adventures of the Marquis de Sangfroid, and indeed to paint up more 18th C. miniatures- to this end I have prepared another 24 figures- two battalions- for painting and will undercoat them tomorrow!

And special thanks to Bluebear Jeff and to Drew, who helped to kickstart the return of the Marquis!

So speaking on behalf of myself and of Louis-Baptiste Sardanapalus Bouillon-Cantinat, 10th Marquis de Sangfroid, Comte de Roué. Chevalier of the Order of the Golden Stirrup, and Hereditary Prince Ecclesiastical of the Bishopric of St. Vignobles,

We thank you all!

Votre Serviteur,



Der Alte Fritz said...

Congratulations on reaching this milestone. I've enjoyed reading your blog and only wish that you would do it more frequently. I like the Fontenoy/Laffeld thread recently.

Robert said...

Thank you!

Sometimes I feel that it is the blogging that keeps me from painting as much as I'd like, but truth is I enjoy it and it has become a large part of the hobby for me. There is never enough time to do everything I have to do to keep up with my gaming plans, but I do indeed hope to update Les rêves de Mars on a more regular basis- at least once every two weeks or more.

Actually, in order to prevent the blog meandering all over the place, I'm thinking of creating a seperate blog just for discussion on the War of the Austrian Succession, and keeping this one for game ideas, reports and of course the tales of the Marquis.

While it sounds like more work, in practice it isn't that much more effort.

I'd be interested to hear people's views on this.