Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Going Dutch...

A Saucy Hollandaise?
(Picture from the
The Vinkhuijzen Collection of Military Costume, NYPL)

For a while- they should prove worthy opponents for the Marquis! It is great to have a line of miniatures now available for an army that has previously been so much overlooked.
Somewhat mystifying seeing as Holland was pretty much a key player in the early days of the 18th Century. That said, the War of the Austrian Succession was certainly not their finest hour, and it has been suggested that by this time "the fire had gone out", so to speak. But the men- if not the high command- seemed to have fought competently enough.
It is pretty clear that information on the army is pretty thin on the ground, one reason why it may have been so under-represented in wargames miniatures.
As far as I know the most comprehensive treatment of the army of the United Provinces is to be found in this book:
  • Stephen Manley: "The Uniforms of the Dutch Army- 1740-1748"(War of the Austrian Succession-A Wargamer's Guide Pt. III).
This book- at only nineteen pages a booklet, really- contains information about the organization and equipment of the Dutch army as well as descriptions- with accompanying black & white line drawings- of its uniforms. However, it lacks any information on flags. Fortunately, as I mentioned in a previous post, Vaubanner Graphics has WAS Dutch infantry flags covered pretty comprehensively, so this isn't much of a problem.
Cavalry standards are a problem, though- I may use standards dating from the earlier War of the Spanish Succession in lieu of any other alternative.
The Uniforms of the Dutch Army was published by On Military Matters in New Jersey. I don't know whether or not it is still in print, but if it is still available-and if you have any interest at all in the Dutch army of the time- grab a copy! I was able to pick up mine from Caliver Books.
In addition, I also found this great site called Royalfig, that features these extremely useful Dutch uniform plates by Gilles Boue, apparently(?) based on the illustrations in Stephen Manley's booklet. These, however, are in colour which is a great advantage. The site is worth looking at- lots of great material on 18th Century armies in general.

He also has some excellent plates on the French in their uniforms of the War of the Austrian Succession as well. No coloured waistcoats here.


"Clearly, given strategic considerations of the time, the Dutch government had nefarious designs on the territorial integrity and Ancient Rights of the Bishopric of St. Vignobles. A crisis would soon be facing M. le Marquis de Sangfroid and his brave regiment."

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John Clements said...

Thanks for these really useful tips on WAS Dutch. I've just acquired my first Eureka Dutch battalion for my Fontenoy scenario and the reference to the book (still at Caliver) was very timely.