Saturday, September 27, 2008

New Blog- "Will ye go to Flanders?"

With the imminent arrival of my Dutch army from Eureka, I realize that I'm now likely to want to talk about, ask questions and to post information about the Army of the Pragmatic Sanction. However, I feel this blog is the "property" of our esteemed Marquis, and I'm concerned about it wandering too far away from our protagonist, his adventures and the French army in which he so steadfastly serves.

After some consideration, I've therefore decided to set up a "sister blog" to complement this one, and in which I can talk not only about orders of battle, miniatures, and other resources related to recreating the
Army of the Pragmatic Sanction, but other miscellaneous aspects of the War of the Austrian Succession as well. I'll also use it as a place to discuss my favourite rules for 18th Century battles, Koenig Krieg.

Les reves de Mars will still feature information about the French army, and will include battle reports, uniforms and game scenarios as well as the usual pontifications of our "Portly Paragon of Pomposity", M. le Marquis de Sangfroid.

The name of the new blog is "Will ye go to Flanders?", and I hope you give it a visit.

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